5 Fun Swedish Christmas Traditions for Kids

There are so many amazing Swedish Christmas traditions that you’ll barely have time to catch your breath. From the world-famous lutfisk (traditional Swedish Christmas dinner) to cosy smörgåsbord (open buffet), there is something for every child and adult who loves this festive season. One of the favourite Christmas Traditions for kids is gift giving that can be bought from Swedish online stores.

Here are our top picks of the best Christmas traditions for children in Sweden. Read on to learn more!

Julbocken (Yule Goat)

In Sweden, the Yule goat is a famous Christmas tradition often enjoyed by children where they tie a goat-like toy made of straw to the Christmas tree. This is a symbolic tradition that is thought to bring happiness and good luck. This tradition marks back to the ancient traditions found in the pagan festivals. It is thought of as a symbol of goodness as some people think that the goat will appear before Christmas to bless their preparations for the yule.

Tomten (Elf of the House)

Santa in Sweden are often called Tomten and they are marked as the elves who do good to the people they come to at Christmas to protect people from misfortunes and any bad happenings and become the caretaker of animals and young children.

Julbord (Christmas Buffet)

One of the favourite traditions followed by the Swedish children is the grand Christmas table known as the Julbord decorated each Christmas eve. It is a massive spread of food with a variety of Scandinavian dishes all adorned in candle lights with 3 to 4 generations sitting at the table enjoying the meals. Fish, cold meats, deserts, and hot servings are a part of the grand table dinner.

Julklappar (Christmas Gifts)

A standard gift is set by the Swedish retail institute as a gesture of goodwill and award for the people at Christmas. It can be anything from home-use material to any children-related product. Other tokens are exchanged among people such as rings, games, and children’s toys were exchanged among people on Christmas eve.  For sure it was a children-favourite tradition for years.

Lucia Procession

It is considered a dreamy and exotic Christmas tradition where Lucia comes with her star boys and girls all draped up in similar costumes with candles in their hands singing specific songs. Children, dressed as characters such as gingerbreads and biscuits and meals, are served after Lucia enters the place with her people.

Firing Blanks on Christmas Eve

This one is the famous tradition in Scandinavia where cartridges are shot in the air to generate explosive sounds and lighting patterns to celebrate Christmas eve. The firing is not like the usual projectile motion and hence is considered legal for the people of Sweden as a way to celebrate Christmas joy.

Children wait long for Christmas as this comes with fun events. These cute little people sing songs to whoever comes to their home for the eve celebration and before sleeping, they hang their stockings for the presents.