Grow Your Creativity Using Kalimba

If you’ve ever wanted to be a musician, but don’t know where to start, this is the app for you. In this article, we’ll explore how Kalimba lets anyone create their own music and what it takes to get started.

Kalimba is an interactive music app that lets you play your own music.

You can also unlock new sounds and instruments by completing challenges or reaching milestones within the game. The Kalimba is easy to get started with, because it’s a musical instrument you can play right out of the box. You don’t need any prior musical experience or knowledge, just your hands and ears!

The Kalimba is also easy to play with friends you can even share one between two people if you like (and they’re both left-handed). Just give each other some space so that when one person plays an open string, another doesn’t accidentally hit it with their hand or finger as well. This can be avoided by keeping your fingers on top of frets instead of behind them (as shown below).

It has a big library of sounds and instruments that can be unlocked over time.

You can unlock new sounds and instruments as you progress in the game. You’ll start with a few basic options, but as your complete achievements and watch ads, more will be unlocked for you to use. If you’re willing to spend money on Kalimba (and it’s worth noting that this is an optional purchase), then there are even more options available for purchase in their store.

You follow a set of simple rules to play songs.

It’s easy to learn and you can start with simple songs, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, then move on to more complex ones like ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb.’ You can play with a friend or challenge yourself to do better than your last performance by improving your speed or accuracy as you go along.

Kalimba is a fun way to learn about music and start creating your own music.

You can play the songs you create or share them with friends. It’s easy to use, with no complicated menus or panels to navigate through; just tap on the screen to play notes, slide your finger along for slides or bend notes up or down!

The library has over 200 instruments and sounds from all over the world from African thumb pianos (also known as kalimbas) through Latin guitars and sitars all the way up into jazz piano land – as well as some unique creations like Ska Steel Drums (which sound awesome!)


We hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of Kalimba, and we encourage you to check out the app for yourself. You can download it on your phone or tablet and start making music right away!