Top 5 Rated Finnish Travel Agencies To Book Your Dream Holiday In Finland

Are you looking for the perfect holiday destination in Finland? Perhaps you want to explore the stunning landscapes, marvel at the unique architecture, or savour the delicious local cuisine. Whatever your dream holiday entails, you’ll find the best travel agencies and Finnish online shops to make it a reality here.

From small, local businesses to large, globally-recognized companies, these top 5 rated Finnish travel agencies are the best for which you can find Finnish company reviews on ReviewsBird. This high-end and easy-to-use site has made it easier for people to quickly decide whether the company, product or service is worth considering or not.

So, let’s get started and explore the best of what Finland has to offer with these top 5 rated Finnish travel agencies.

Exodus travels

It is one of the top travel agencies preferred by people in Finland for booking international and national holidays. Starting from $300 to other packages for people who travel, It has packages with different ranges and offers for international travel along with discount offers. On the Finnish websites, exodus travels come as the best-ranking company in Finland.

Nordic Unique travels

Nordic unique travels ranks among the best travel agencies offering fine hotel services and $172 for the tour ranging with other packages on hand. The reviews were among the best and considered a good source of business trip organization and planning agencies offering a trip ranging from 4 to 10 days travel packages. The customers were happy with their quick response time and real-time response team offering services to their customers.

Intrepid travel

Intrepid Travel has the most exodus of adventurous travel packages with an age range for people to travel being 9-99 years. With reviews having positive feedback and customers being satisfied with the travel services and guidance from travel agents, intrepid travel offers a range of packages for Finnish people to travel. They offer travel packages for places like Helsinki, Kolari, Pallas – Yllastunturin kansallispuisto, and Rovaniemi.

50 degrees north

50 degrees north is a famous travel agency in Finland offering group Tours, Small Ship & Expedition Cruises, Independent / Self-Guided Packages, and various other packages to customers at affordable rates making it the top-rated company for such services. This travel agency is famous among customers for global trips to both classic and exotic destinations with a focus on themed adventures, exciting physical activities, and the discovery of local culture.


Exoticca is a global operator of travel agencies and is famous among the nordic people for offering services such as Group Tours, Private Guided Trips, Custom Itineraries, and various others. They got good customer reviews for Super affordable and carefully curated private, custom, or group trip packages to destinations all over the world.


Whether you’re looking for a complete package with flights, hotels, and activities or just a simple car rental, these experienced professionals will make sure that your trip to Finland is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. To enjoy your dream holiday, these companies offer their best services in Finland so that people trip through the best packages and also save money on their holiday.